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Church World Service

Church World Service sends “Flood Buckets” to people in the US whose homes have been harmed due to flooding.  With the big flood events of 2017, CWS sent more buckets than ever to families in Texas and Florida. 

Zion had a “bucket brigade” event where many buckets were filled with products needed to clean up.  Each bucket contained gloves, masks, clothesline, clothes pins, cleaners, mosquito repellent, sponges, and more.  It was fun to fill the buckets as a faith community.  We prayed for the victims and hope the buckets we prepared will help them get through the clean-up phase, and remember we care for them. 


Hygiene kits go to people all over the world who are experiencing poverty, including people in the US and refugee camps in other countries.  School kits go to kids and families in need, supplying them with pencils, crayons, notebooks, scissors, and other supplies.  We enjoy putting together kits at picnics and dinners together.  In the spirit of Christ, it’s a joy to be able to help others. 

Hurricane Relief Buckets, School Kits, and Hygiene Kits

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